Are you a VIP drinker?

If you know me (and I hope that after reading my blog you kinda do) that I loves me some #vintage finds.  I DO indeed break for #YardSales.  And, of course, when I’m needing a fix in the middle of the night, or when trying to avoid work, I comb @eBay for all manner of things.

Today I was looking for a specific vintage glass to replace one that had broken.  While searching @eBay, I came across a few cocktail glasses that got me thinking… What kind of VIP drinker are you?

I’m asserting that the STYLE of glass to which you are attracted tells a lot about who you are as a person.  Read below to see if I’ve pegged who you are based on which glass you’ve chosen.

If selected the above glass as your choice, you are uppity and somewhat proud of that fact.  You might even wear it as a badge of honor.  You like cocktails that are made by suspender-wearing, hipster guys with waxed mustaches.  You unashamedly request a specific liquor and pray that the ice cubes are square in shape, and used sparingly.  You buy local and organic, and leave the “organic” label on the veggies, so you can remind yourself how “conscious” you are.  By the way, I am this asshole.

If you selected the above glass as your choice, you are a player… er, well, want to be seen as a player.  You workout your pecs and shoulders exclusively while completely forgetting that you have legs and a tush which are sadly lacking.  Your jeans have more sparkles on them than Dorothy’s red ruby slippers; you are indeed a rhinestone cowboy.  At a bar, you’re a loud-talker and yet your friends don’t rat you out because most of the time you’re actually quite “normal.”

If you selected the above glass as your choice, you are what’s known as an experienced bar-babe who is somewhat shy until she gets some liquor in her system.  You like to spend time at bars and yet prefer to be on the periphery of the action.  While you would never introduce yourself to a cute guy (for fear of rejection) you would egg-on your friends to do so while you sat and held the purses.  You are known to go-hard early in the evening, so you can be in bed by 10.  You thrive on trying to be perfect.

If you selected the above glass as your choice, you are a dude who is the life of the party.  On the outside you look like your every-man.  Your affable, go-with-the-flow attitude gets you laid more than the hot dudes.  Girls fawn all over you because you’re funny.  You’re begrudgingly stuck in middle management, but have resigned yourself to that far now and are OK with it.  To keep yourself occupied, you Tweet your funnies.  Hobbies might include: hunting using rubber bullets, ironic stamp collecting and building/racing go-karts.

Tweet me @tracymetro which glass you chose… and if I’ve described you to a T!

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You dirty girl!

Oh wait, that was a bit more provocative than simply your house is dirty, girl ;-)

Even us Los Angelenos hibernated during the winter and our houses show it.  Dirty carpets, cobweb-ed corners, mildew-y showers.  Now that spring time is here, you know what that means…  Time to clean, baby.

Sadly, my vacuum has been on its last leg for years, and has loped along as long as it could… We broke up this week and I replaced her with the sexiest vacuum cleaner I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning!  You can tell I’m middle aged because I’ve just described my vacuum as SEXY! Come on, look at it… she’s H.O.T., right?

But, she’s not just gorgeous, she’s got a good personality, too. ;-) This baby corners like an Olympic athlete doing the slalom.  Moreover, she’s a hybrid upright vacuum.  What’s that, you ask?  I didn’t know either until I discovered that the handheld part detached itself from the entire unit, so you can suck up cobwebs in the corners!  The Samsung Motion Sync Bagless Upright vacuum is bag-less, sucks like nobody’s business and is dang quiet.  #ThingsThatSuck… literally!  Just look at what got sucked up with my first usage!

As far as a the mildew-y shower goes, here’s a fun way to rid your house of the ick.  Yes, I did say cleaning and fun in the same sentence.  See, I’ve become obsessed with listening to audio books and just so I don’t feel quite so guilty about sitting around listening to my books, I’ve begun cleaning simultaneously.  I call it guilt-free listening.  Hence, why all of my laundry is done, my shower is clean and the carpets are vacuumed.

So, strap on your headphones, select a killer novel such as Gone Girl, some funny short stories by David Sedaris or a self-help number by the ever popular Anna Quindlen and a bottle of Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner and/or Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface cleaner to rid the house of 99% of the bacteria and viruses.  Clean until the book is done, er I mean until the house shines like the top of the Chrysler Building.

During the above mentioned hibernation, many of us simply didn’t invited people over because it was just too brutal to brave the outdoors!  But, now that Spring is here, a lot of us are having friends over!  YAY (look for an upcoming post on the HOEDOWN party we threw)!  If your landscaping withered like most did, it’s time to spruce.  Did you know that Walmart has twice as many locations as the big box hardware stores?  They have all of the same stuff — solar lights (got mine last year and they are still kicking), lawn mowers, grills, plants, mulch, trash bags.  You name it they have it.  Go Walmartians!

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Stand Up Party!

Winter is in full-swing and at this point, many can feel bored, cabin-fevered and like their missing seeing friends!  Here’s the winter remedy… a STAND UP party!

First off, what is a stand up party?  Thought you’d never ask.  It’s a quick party in which you encourage people to stand up (as in not sit down!) the entire time, which encourages mingling, chatting and getting to know each other!

Then, the next question is, what do people talk about?  Work?  Ugh. Boring!  Let’s GIVE people things to talk about…

Know the quote, “Life is short, eat dessert first?”  Well, we’re taking that to heart by starting the party with yummy cookies made with Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles!  Why?  To encourage people to pick a side. As in, are you #TeamFruity or #TeamCocoa.  Silly.  Fun.  Makes us all feel like kids again, and what could be wrong with that?

Food is THE vehicle to get folks talking, and one of my favorite ways is to do food taste-tests.  Start with an olive oil tasting.  You can choose a single brand such as Pompeian‘s new Varietals Collection, or a variety of brands of EVOO (doesn’t matter) and put the oils in individual ramekins.  Guest will dip little pieces of  yummy baguette into the different oils and discuss whether they’re more of a mild, medium or full-bodied fan.

Who doesn’t love yummy cheeses?  Therefore, it’s another great food to get conversation flowing.  Cut up tiny pieces of different kinds of cheese either within one brand such as Roth Grand Cru Cheese, or using a variety of brands (again, doesn’t matter).

Folks will (hopefully) become very interested in discussing the nuances of the different cheeses.  And, boom conversation is flowing!  Any leftovers, just toss them into a creamy, cheesy dish and this cheese melts like, well, cheese!

Of course wine, which is often referred to as liquid courage, is a great conversation starter.  And, always have a wonderful assortment of different varietals.  Red.  White. Rose.  More on wine tastings in another post!  But, there ARE other liquids to discuss.

Last food that’s a great conversation starter…

Most folks serve coffee at the end of a party.  Not me.  We gotta do things differently!  So, I say, serve a variety of teas!  Green Mountain Coffee Roasters packages Celestial Seasonings and Bigelow teas for Keurig which allows everybody to choose their fave.  Green, Earl Grey, English Breakfast… you get the idea.

Sometimes us Americans can be as tea-particular as those tea-lovin’ Brits!

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If you know me, you know I love my boy, Bernie, whom we found in San Bernandino, CA (hence the name Bernie!) and our late girl Sasee :-( We always take them with us wherever we go during the holidays and this year is no different except that it’s just Bernie and us.

We like to play it footloose and let the breeze take us wherever it may… especially when we’re traveling in the green beast (and in need of a nice shower and cozy bed)!

As we’re cruising the backroads, we tend to hop online to find a hotel that’s convenient to wherever we get tired, one that’s affordable, pet friendly and that allows us to get POINTS/Loyalty Rewards!  This holiday season you will get 30% off of rooms at hotels in the Wyndham Hotel Group (Ramanda, Super 8, Days Inn, etc).  FYI many of their hotels allow pets.  Woof to that!

When traveling with the boy, we ALWAYS have water and treats… for us and him!  It’s a road trip, for heaven’s sake.  We like to snack on:

and the boy likes:

If you buy specially marked Pedigree packages, proceeds go to helping find homes for shelter dogs thru the Pedigree Foundation!  Yay!

I always HAVE the water with me on the road trip, but I am the WORST at actually drinking the water because it’s boring and flavorless.  But, just like it’s important to keep the puppies hydrated on these long holiday drives to Grandma’s house, it’s just as important to keep US hydrated, too!  Oh, what I really meant to say was that it’s important to keep ourselves hydrated at all of the holiday parties we attend ;-)

Tip:  drink one libation.  Then one hydration.  I like Vitamin Water Zero because A) it’s tasty, B) it’s tasty and C) it’s tasty… oh, and it has zero calories and is naturally sweetened.  Drink up AND make sure to make it in your mouth unlike Ellen!


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Hanukah Happiness the non-consumptive way

I just got off the phone after having spoken to my 12 nieces and nephews about their Hanukah gifts.  As I mentioned in a previous post,  I was going to be giving the gift of stock through ShareBuilder.

Well, I was getting flack from some people who said the kids would hate it!  Soooo, I didn’t want to be the hated Auntie, so I gave each of them 2 choices for their gift:

Option 1: We’d make a donation to a charity or cause of their choice.

Option 2: We’d make an investment (purchase a stock) in a company of their choice

All but 1 wanted the gift of stock.  See, I knew they’d be into it.  But, the thing that really blew me away was just how excited they each were!!  Nobody complained that they didn’t get the latest Barbie Cash Register, X Box One or Handerpants (yes, I did say HANDERPANTS!).  They were each genuinely excited about this gift!  I heard words like:  ”That’s tight!” “Cool.  This goes along with what I’m learning at school!” “This is going to be fun!”  I’m not sure who’s going to learn more… me? Or them?

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