You know how you might have an idea about how something is supposed to go, but then it happens in a totally different way and you’re sorta bummed because it wasn’t your original vision?  Kinda like rain on your wedding day (thanks, Alanis Morissette).  Well, that’s sorta what’s happening with my #SocialExperiment and #KokoChain.

My IDEA was for the necklace to travel the globe via people ASKING to wear it.  But, what seems to be happening is that people are actively SENDING it to their friends to wear.

Truthfully, I’m not all that bummed.  It’s slightly different than what I imagined, but at least #KokoChain is whizzing around the globe.  Currently, she’s on her way to London!

Do you want in?  If so, tweet me @tracymetro using #KokoChain and I’ll be sure to put you on the list of custodians!

If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about CLICK HERE to read the original blog!

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Baby you’re a firework!

Happy 4th, ya’ll.  As I’m sure you also experience, many of us Americans take for granted our independence… which got me thinking how the good ol’ US of A has celebrated the holiday, over the years.  Has it always been about BBQs, beer, and bikini’d babes?

Here’s how us Americans have been doing it for the last 100+ years:

Whatever YOUR July 4th looks like this year, I hope it’s a picturesque one!  Tweet me a photo @TracyMetro

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What’s better… to lend money or an ear?

Who hasn’t been asked to lend some dough to somebody?  A friend, a co-worker or even a family member?

Today I was at Whole Foods (AKA Whole Paycheck) and I noticed a mother and her blind son, who appeared to also be mentally challenged, in some way.  After I got my salad, I went outside, sat down and began eating.  A little while later, the mother and son walked out and sat down next to me.

This mother was so loving, nurturing and full of patience.  She fed him, caressed his arm and spoke gently in his ear.  I’m not sure WHY I felt the need to barge into a stranger’s life, but I wanted to praise her, so she knew somebody noticed her life’s work.

I taped her on the arm, said, “Excuse me.  I don’t mean to interrupt, but I just wanted to let you know you are an inspiration.”  Immediately, tears started rolling down her face and she looked away, back to her son.

I chastised myself for being so assumptive that she actually needed praise from a complete stranger!  I felt so self-centered and like a total douche… until, she turned back and said, “I’m not normally like this,” as she wiped away tears flowing down her cheeks.

Of course, I figured she was upset about something with her son and his difficulties.  Nah, turns out, she had made peace with the life she’d been left with 14 years ago, when the doctors erred upon his birth, and left him in this state.

She was upset about her husband.  She poured her heart out to me, a complete stranger.  I sat, listen, and offered a few words.  After all, I had JUST come from my shrink’s office, so I was feeling pretty shrunk and capable of dispensing wisdom.

I wanted her to feel safe, so I shared some personal things.  It was such an incredible 15 minutes, or was it an hour?  I hardly know as time stood still.

After I left, I pondered what that was all about?  Did she so deeply need an ear that the “universe” (sorry to be so hippy dippy) masterminded me to reach out to her?  What if she had needed money?

Would I have loaned a complete stranger a couple of bucks?  Or, would I have felt like she was giving me a shake down, and that I would never be repaid?  No matter, lending an ear is something that never needs to be repaid.  It’s a gift.

When was the last time you truly connected with a complete stranger?  Tell me @tracymetro

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A Graduation Speech To Me.

When I graduated from NYU, our commencement speech was give by… oh dear, I can’t remember who gave our speech!  Was it Bill Cosby?  Well, I guess it wasn’t very impactful, or I just couldn’t hear what was being said as were were in the middle of Washington Square Park in NYC (hardly a quiet place).

As there are loads of graduation speeches floating around the web right now, I thought I’d write a speech that I wish I’d give myself, back in the day.

You will often hear this:

“It is the process that matters. It is getting there, what you learn along the way and how, that shapes you into a better, more compassionate human being.”

The reality is this:

If you’re deeply ambitious, you’ll likely never feel satisfied as the beacon keeps moving further.  You’ll keep striving, and feel as if you’re a failure because the beacon alludes you. Find a way to feel successful with achieving small goals, and leave the big goals to figure themselves out; big goals are achieved by doing a whole bunch of little goals.

You’ll often hear:

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” -Milton Berle

The reality is this:

We are living in a time when we truly CAN build the door.  Heck, we can build the entire house.  But, building even a door can be nearly impossible alone.  Ask for help!  Getting help does not show weakness.  To the contrary asking for help shows strength of character as it proves awareness of how small each of us are.  It truly does take a village.  Besides, nothing is more unappealing than a know-it-all.

You’ll often hear:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” -Steve Jobs

The reality is this:

How in the hell do you find your own inner voice?  I graduated more than a few years ago and I’m STILL listening for my inner voice to tell me what to do!  I’m forever asking people how they figured it out.  You’ll hear people suggest how you answer the following question is how you’ll find your inner voice:

Question: How would you spend a free Saturday?

If you answered I’d like to cook a fancy meal then maybe you should work in the food industry as an event manager?

If you answered I’d like to hike a mountain then maybe you should work in forestry as a park ranger?

If you answered I’d like to help paint a community center then maybe you should work as a community activist?

In case you’re curious, my ideal Saturday is spent thrift shopping, antiquing, yard sale-ing. Discovering beautiful objects.  So, with that, what should I do?

Tweet me @tracymetro and tell me how YOU’D like to spend your free Saturday, if errands were off the table!

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Necklace chain around the world






You know how people often write their name or do a doodle on a dollar bill in hopes of it coming back to them at some point?  Well, this experiment is kinda like that.  And, kinda like the picture you take of yourself whilst on vacation in some unique location, holding a AAA or InStyle magazine!

Blend those ideas with Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Pay It Forward, One Red Paperclip and the shared diamond necklace named Jewelia and you’ve got the incredible adventures of Koko, the necklace!

I’m donating the necklace I’m wearing above to this experiment to see where it travels.  I’ve called our necklace Koko for the supple, rich, chocolatey color, and the fact that it’s made from the Hawaiian Kukui nut bead.  Nothing too crazy in the naming process, huh? I figured the social experiment was exciting enough.  Part telephone game, part #SixDegreesOfKevinBacon, part it’s a small world after all.   Let’s see where Koko goes, what fun things she gets to do and see…. and how we are all connected!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  Each participant (or, custodian as I’m calling us) will post a picture on our Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram accounts sharing a short blurb about what we did whilst wearing Koko!  Be SURE to include @TracyMetro and #KokoChain in the post, so we can keep track of Koko’s whereabouts!

Step 2: Friend request me, so we can DM or FB message for next steps about where to send Koko.

Step 3: Once I receive interest from the custodian who wants to wear Koko next, I’ll make the connection between you two. (I suppose if this takes off, I’ll have to get some code written so this can happen without me?).

Step 4: Each participant will pay to mail Koko to the next custodian… yes, even if it’s half way around the world!  Since it’s light, it can’t cost more than a few bucks.  Just think, you’ll be a part of a global experiment… isn’t that worth a few shekels?

Step 5: I’ll share the details of Koko’s adventures here at my blog including a map of her travels.

Maybe Koko will find herself in a remote village in the Hunan Province in China worn by a woman who’s a teacher?  On the wrist of a tax accountant on tax day?  Or, on the runways of Paris during Fashion Week?  Might be kinda neat to see Koko tied to the scrubs of a brain surgeon who’s just performed a life-saving operation!  Perhaps she’ll wind up around Robin Robert’s neck on Good Morning America?  The possibilities are endless, and only limited by our word of mouth.

I wonder if the chain (no pun intended!) will die before even leaving Los Angeles, OR if it’ll be mailed all over the world?  I’m excited to see what happens…

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