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A picture is worth

Last weekend I went to 2 amazeballs shows in Palm Springs — Art Fair & Modernism.  I totally geeked out, as I knew I would… and I didn’t care how dorky I looked walking through with my camera around my … Continue reading

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Praying for rain

My assumption is that most people don’t beg for rain… especially if you have hair like mine!  When I’m wearing my hair curly (which is most of the time) the rain just makes the curls even corkscrewier than normal.  And … Continue reading

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i HEART you, a Valentine’s Day themed party idea

Like many, I’m not much for Hallmark holidays.  There isn’t much that makes me feel special about a day in which I’m TOLD to tell somebody that I love them.  Um, how about telling me when you are feeling it? … Continue reading

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Giving thanks

These were my arrangements from Thanksgiving 2009. I’m thankful that I like to dumpster dive!  Well, ok, I didn’t actually dumpster dive, but I did gardner dive, if there is such a thing. I like to take things I find … Continue reading

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Was this sacrilege?

  I’m not a terribly observent Jew.  Hell, I don’t observe at all.  Somebody once said to me, oh you’re JewISH!  I’ve stolen that phrase though can’t take credit for it.  However, I CAN take credit for my JewLo! Heyho! … Continue reading

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