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Couldn’t let my girl be unstylish

  Me and my hair-brained self could’t let our dog, Sasee, walk around looking like every other dog who had just gotten their knee replaced, so I decorated her little satellite dish!  I did this a few years ago and … Continue reading

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Moustached mirror

I’ve always wanted a Cricut machine.  If you don’t know much about the machine all I can tell you is that it’s amazeballs!!!  Well, it’s amazeballs if you’re a crafty person. This machine cuts paper in much the same way … Continue reading

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Sometimes things aren’t meant to be

We all have good intentions; however, sometimes size really does matter. I love this table and had such good intentions when I bought it for $15 at St Vincent De Paul Thrift shop.  I was doing to sand it and … Continue reading

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Oh kno! Knot a knee operation

I ask you, is spending $3400 for a knee replacement-ish too much for my beloved dogger, Sasee?  I’m sorry, have I taken your breath away?  Yeah, it took a while for me to get mine back after nearly choking to … Continue reading

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