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I’ve recently turned over a new leaf when my husband, Marty Metro, goes out of town for work… which, by the way, he does ALL the time!  I take myself to the theater!!  To be honest, it’s only happened twice now, but like I said… it’s a NEW leaf.

Last night I took myself to see Pippin, only one of my favorite musicals.  When I was a young bunny, I performed in a professional singing & dancing troupe called (appropriately enough) The Entertainers!  The hysterical and brilliant Mo Rocca was even in our group!  I digress… We sang & danced our hearts out for Presidents, dignitaries and old folks at senior homes, in and around Washington, DC, where I grew up.  I didn’t fully understand (or maybe I’ve simply forgotten) the story of Pippin, until just last night.

As Sasha Allen sang the opening number, We’ve Got Magic To Do, tears started to fill my eyes… I was surprised by it, to be honest.  Was I missing the innocence of my youth?  Or, recognizing unfulfilled dreams of still being on stage?

And then, there it was, Pippin’s story of searching for his purpose in life, “to find my corner of the sky.”  I’m such a sucker for people who are on a quest… that’s why I love shows like The Voice, American Ninja Warrior and Shark Tank.  Those shows tell stories of people on a quest for personal greatness.

So I held up the mirror to my own face and asked how I’M doing in MY search for my own greatness and purpose in life?  I often wonder if I’m missing my actual life as I’m chin-deep in my professional quest.  And then, the insanely talented Andrea Martin sang right to me and told me “oh, it’s time to start living!” Why yes, yes it is time to start living, Tracy Metro!

By walking away from my computer (as soon as I hit send!) and thus the silly hustling I do in hopes of “showing the world that I do extraordinary things,” I just might be “on the right track” to true happiness.

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