(3D) Build it & they will come

I just spent a bit of time at a mall (like a lunatic!) but it really did get me in the holiday mood!  Would you believe that I’ve never had a pix of me and Santa?  This could be my year!

Unfortunately, my boat, the Retro Metro, is out of commission for the annual holiday boat parade due to a leak (never a good thing on a boat, I’m told), so I’ll be spending the holidays in makeover-land and mooching at friend’s parties!  Ugh.

While this time of year isn’t really optimal for a full-on home (or houseboat) makeover, it’s the perfect time for my fluff & fold makeover which consists of quick fixes that have huge holiday impact.  If the boat were in working order, I’d be swapping out the regular shower curtain for a holiday inspired one like this and suddenly the bathroom becomes a holiday hot spot not just the loo!
Also, I did this a few years back… I swapped out the standard straight shower curtain rod and replaced it with Moen‘s curved rod for more elbow room, so you can get really really clean.  I love it because it actually gives me 5″ extra inches in a VERY VERY VERY tiny shower!
While I was at Moen’s site grabbing the above link, I saw the Oxby faucet whose water flows in a spiral!  I wonder if you go south of the equator if it swirls the other direction?  Tweet me the answer!

Given that we’ll be party guests instead of hosts throughout the holidays due to the leak, I need to come up with some super funny and fabulous hostess gifts.  And since I’m such a maker, of course I’ll be handcrafting them.

I’ll be popping out all manner of kookiness from my Dremel 3D Idea Builder!  The name says it all.  It builds your ideas.  What?  YES!  I’ve wanted a 3D printer forever!!!!
Now, I just need to narrow down which ideas I’ll be making… Should I make:
A) X-Mas tree ornament of Marty & I making this face
B) Bobble heads of us looking like this that people can mount on their dashboard
C) A bust of us (with the fabulous Richard Simmons) for our host’s mantle
D) We’re open to your ideas!!!
As I’m typing this blog and Marty is fixing my iPhoto, we’re snacking on this adorable little DIY popcorn bar to go along with our cocktails!
I popped Popsecret‘s Double Butter for the salty, and Cinnamon Roll for the sweet (super tasty glaze on top, by the by!) then I made this cute sign (took me 2 seconds) and put out pretzels, chocolate pearls and nuts for the perfect salty sweet combo.

Yeah, I’d say I’m sliding into the holidays quite nicely! Tweet me how YOU are sliding into the holidays @TracyMetro

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