Was this sacrilege?


I’m not a terribly observent Jew.  Hell, I don’t observe at all.  Somebody once said to me, oh you’re JewISH!  I’ve stolen that phrase though can’t take credit for it.  However, I CAN take credit for my JewLo!

Heyho!  I’ll be here all week.

My husband, Marty, has had this Halloween costume idea for me for years and years and I finally did it.  Given my JewFRO (last one, I swear!), he always thought I would make a hilarious 13 Hassidic boy at his Bar Mitzvah.  So, I obliged.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how this was going to come together, but in about 2 hours, using a few large boxes from UsedCardboardBoxes.com (little plug for Marty!), a utility knife and some contact paper, I made Temple Schlameel SchlaMazelTov.  Wish I could say I came up with the name, but Alison Deyette and Daysun Perkins are to blame for the pun!  It’s hilarious!  And, I DID print out real hebrew when I made my torah!

Above all, I hope you’re not offended…


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4 Responses to Was this sacrilege?

  1. Judy Asher says:

    You are hillllarious! I ‘ll be checking this blog every now and then and spreading the good word……mazel tov honey! Gzai Gzoont (Sp?)

  2. Cira says:

    Truly difficult to get advised persons with this matter, you seem like you know what you are referring to! Thank you

  3. Cristopher says:

    Amazing article, I will be browsing back again usually to hunt for upgrades.

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