Tiny house(boat) “living begins”… with a rant.


There’s so much to tell you, so I’m going to data point this blog post, so that in my next post I can begin sharing my new tiny life:

  • We rented out our house (furnished) to the loveliest family ever… the Dad was in the band Menudo (!!!) and the Mom is a face you may recognize from TV.
  • Why’d we do it?  Because we can!  Oh, and we want to buy an industrial building and do a live/work kinda thing.  And, not a loft.  Lofts are for people who can’t imagine what to do with a wide open space and I’ve got a vivid imagination.
  • We packed up the house in approximately 10 day and tossed our life in storage?!  WHAT?  Yes, it’s possible (read: overwhelming) to weed through the crap collected in 15 years of living in a spacious home.  It’s the ‘ol goldfish/fish bowl thing.  I had become a koi fish which LOOKS like a goldfish, but is decidedly NOT… as, it’s MUCH bigger.
  • Learned a lesson:  Change is hard.  Change is good. Change is freeing.  Getting to the actual change part SUCKS.
  • Vow: Never live in a place for more than 5 years.  It’s too easy to get attached to silly things.  Must continuously clear out stuff.
  • Confession: I have too many pairs of scissors.
  • We crammed as much of our un-stored stuff as possible into our little houseboat, the Retro Metro, as that’s going to be home base  this summer (between our many trips out of town, our guesthouse surfing and driving across this great country of ours)… while, until we find a new place.  And by crammed I mean hoardanized (hoard + organize = hoardanize) life’s necessities into >400 sq ft.  What are life’s necessities?  You’d be surprised to learn what it really comes down to.  For me: my night guard, hair conditioner & mousse, outfit accessories, sneakers, paper clips, stapler and a good chef’s knife.
  • Our houseboat became a chapter in the book My Cool Houseboat which has just been published.  As a designer, I know I’ve made it when my design is in a book, and the book is sitting on the coffee table of the place that’s been written about!
  • Sprinkle in a little packing up of my childhood home in DC which my parents lived for 48 years, & stage the goodies I want to bring home to LA.  Yes, I am homeless and I am bringing more crap into my life, er storage facility.  How can I turn down an original Tulip Table?  I grew up with it and love it!
  • Uh, we bought a literal MACK truck to drive said childhood crap across country via the 127 Corridor Sale AKA the World’s Longest Yard Sale… whereupon I will be purchasing more crap (that I don’t need).  I’ve already begun making a list & taking orders (from friends & clients) for pieces of furniture that I might find at the yard sale.
  • Confession:  We’re not going to be MACK truck owners forever (dear God, I hope NOT!), just long enough to drive across country and then sell it shortly thereafter for close to the same amount we bought it for.
  • Vow: Not to buy too much bric-a-brac at the 127 Sale, but focus on the big pieces of furniture that aren’t as easy to find in LA as they may be in the midwest.
  • I’ve practically been living in my shitty car, the Chevy Volt, as I’m driving up to LA from LB virtually everyday (actually, today is the first day I HAVEN’T driven up there. YAY!).  See, I leased the ride (actually 2 of them!  One for me and one for Marty) because were living in LA and mostly driving to clients and jobs in town so my solar panel-y charged car was a cool choice (even though I’ve not been a fan of the car since the actual day I drove it home from the dealership).  Well, now that I’ve been driving this gas guzzling car which sounds like I’m driving a MACK truck, I’m peeved.  Oh, and there aren’t any charging stations nearby where I’m staying except for a person’s PlugShare that I can’t really use on a daily basis as it belongs to a person!  Uh, Long Beach/Belmont Shore, get with the program!
  • Confession: My clients are getting a frazzled Tracy Metro whose world of electronics is working against her.  Is Facebook not working for anybody else, or is it just me?!?  Put that all together and this tiny life led to a not so tiny melt down yesterday that had me sitting on the side of the road next to SciArc (avoiding hideous traffic getting from DTLA to LB), sobbing whilst cleaning off my computer’s overstuffed desktop.

That’s pretty much where I am to date.



By the way, things are looking up!  I’ve spent the day working at a public library.  Not a bad office, huh?  I’ve been sitting still long enough to write this blog post which I’ve been wanting to write for a few weeks now.  Maybe this tiny life won’t be so crazy now that it has started in earnest.

Tweet me @TracyMetro what led to your latest melt down.

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  1. Ruth says:

    Change is tough, but Tracy Metro is tougher! You and your man have the best life ever!! Enjoy the ride. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder to let go of stuff!

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