Giving thanks

These were my arrangements from Thanksgiving 2009.

I’m thankful that I like to dumpster dive!  Well, ok, I didn’t actually dumpster dive, but I did gardner dive, if there is such a thing.

I like to take things I find on the street and give them a new life.  Some call it upcycling, some call it being cheap, some even call it being crafty.  I personally don’t care what you call it…  just keep calling my name!

So, the day before Thanksgiving I asked some gardeners I came across if they would mind if I sifted through their cuttings and selected a handful of cast-offs for my Thanksgiving table.  Of course, they thought I was nuts, but they DID offer to help toss the “garbage” in my car!

Off I went with my yard clippings, the peacock feathers I’ve collected from volunteering at the Wildlife Waystation and a can of spray paint and voila… fab table decor.

These puppies lasted a while because the branches were already dead and the feathers were… well, feathers and the pumpkins were hearty.  I really loved these guys.  Tweet me some pix of your fav Thanksgiving decor @TracyMetro

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