Wrapping & Rapping

Here’s are 10 tips to get your move on!!


1. Invite a friend over to help pack.  You can wrap up your stuff and rap about life


2. Take pix of things you want to remember but don’t want to keepchair

3. Label pieces that go togetherpix

4. You’re allowed to over 25 pix and then gotta get back to packingIMG_8233

5. Have FUN for heaven’s sake.  Packing is a pain in the ass, so do your best to find the fun in itIMG_8298

6. Out with the old.  Donate it, baby!IMG_7959

7. Make lists of things you need to remember

8. When in doubt put it in a baggie… and label itbaby sheets

9. Use oddball items such as baby changing table covers to protect furniture tools

10. Borrow the right tools… Anything is possible with the right tools

Tweet me @TracyMetro your fun packing photos.  Oh, did I actually put FUN & PACKING in the same sentence?  Er, forgive me.

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