When it works… it works!

2 blog posts ago I shared how I organized my life in boxes since I’m living #LifeOnTheLam.  I’ll be honest, I’m sure it was laborious to read as it DEFINITELY was laborious to write — and actually DO.

Well, I’m here to say, sometimes going that extra mile really IS worth it.

Backstory: my crap-ass Chevy Volt got semi-broken into.  How does a car get semi-broken into?  Well, when unbeknownst to you the dealer, Community Chevrolet, turns off your automatic door locks during a “recall” fix and doesn’t tell you, so that when you walk away from the car (that has been automatically locking for a year and a half!!!) and it suddenly remains unlocked, the car can get “semi-broken into.”


The thief stole 3 thing that I have discovered thus far.  An adorable handbag that I had been putting Bernie in when sneaking him into restaurants.  Shhhh.


Bernie’s Children’s Hospital volunteering outfit and badge as well as a zillion reusable totes.

2Who in the hell wants my reusable grocery totes???

I digress.

3As a result of the theft, I needed to sew Bernie a new CHLA neckerchief which I didn’t think was going to be a stree-free or fast experience since my sewing machine and thread were packed away deep in my storage unit.


Well, thanks to my handy-dandy Box Legend spreadsheet, all I had to do was query “sewing machine” and “thread” — and BOOM I had my box numbers!  Then, all I had to do was locate the actual boxes in my dark storage unit which I was able to do with the flashlight that I leave in the unit!


It works people.  It works.

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