Flipping for Fall


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the holidays are on our doorstep!  What the?!  Well, maybe not our doorstep but they definitely are on our street!  So, yes we are ramping up to the holidays when zillions of people will be traipsing through our homes, and I’ve got 3 fab finds to help make prepping for the onslaught a little bit easier.


Numero Uno:

People get nutty + things break = sad face.  But the show must go on and it can if you keep a Krazy Glue Precision Control Pen handy in your junk drawer. The name says it all… it allows you to put glue precisely where it needs to be because of the precision pen tip! And, the pressure grip allows you to deposit just the right amount of glue so you don’t have excess glue oozing all over the place.  And of course, it’s the fastest setting glue of its kinds so you can get back to entertaining! Der.


Numero Dos:

Maybe you’ve heard about the drama on the Retro Metro with our leak — and hence us pulling up our flooring YET AGAIN.  UGH.  Well, Fall is a fantastic time to lay new flooring because of the typically dry weather that allows uninstalled flooring to easily become acclimated to your home versus laying flooring in the spring when it can be damp and harder to become acclimated. But who cares about when the IDEAL time to lay new flooring … We just want our homes (or in this case our houseboats!) to be gorgeous.  Wide planks — anywhere from 5-7” (that’s what she said!) are what’s hot in flooring right now.  As well, light colored flooring like Lumber Liquidators’ white-washed, Morning Star Pearl City Bamboo is fantastic in a kitchen because it hides dirt oh so well. Dark floors had their heyday, but now it’s all about the light look which (by the by) is SO much easier to keep clean.  A little inside scoop:  We’re in the midst of buying a duplex and I am DEF installing light floors as I’ve been a slave to the black, wood floors for too too long. #CleaningLady


Number Trace (get it?):

Of course all parties wind up in the kitchen, so I say make it one of the most fashionable (and functional) rooms in the house. Most of us don’t really think about a sink as being a design element, but it absolutely is! Just look at how sexy the Crosstown sink by ElKay is. Yes, I did just say a sink was sexy! Don’t judge me, people, I’m a designer!  This sink is a chameleon because it can work in a traditional, modern or transitionally designed kitchen.

If you’re into the farmhouse or apron style sink, El Kay has a retrofit for a standard cabinet which allows you to have the look of a traditional farm house sink, but works with your existing cabinets.  What? Yes, that is revolutionary!  Inside scoop:  I am SO using an El Kay sink in my new kitchen.  #SexySink


Depending on your set up, the Crosstown sink  can be undermounted or dropped in with a very slim rim so clean up is a breeze… well, depending on how messy your friends and family are it may be more like cleaning up after a torneadeau, but that’s between you and them!  #Just sayin!

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