An overnight success 20 years later!

We did it!

Hard work + perseverance + loads of tears shed + LUCK = House Doctor (2.0)

At 3:15am PST on Monday October 3rd, the rest of my professional life will officially begin when the show on which I’ve been lucky enough to be the presenter and designer begins airing, in the UK only (right now).

channel-5-stillAs well all know, it truly does take a Village (thanks Hillary!) and the entire team — from producing staff to design gang to runners alike — ALL made it a spectacularly BONKERS 6 month experience… and one I won’t likely forget for a long long time.  I’m so stinkin’ excited that you get to see the fab makeovers we did, meet the eclectic group of contributors with whom we worked and see some of the stunning areas we visited while helping some UKers sell their homes.

Over the next few months, I promise to share some of the funny stories that transpired whilst shooting such as:

  • when an entire wall of wallpaper peeled off before our very eyes,
  • the 6 hours straight that we listened to a house alarm siren (and yet the cameras kept rolling),
  • that time when I closed my eyes while narrowly escaping the front end of a lorry, and
  • yes yes, I will share the moment when I wee’d in my trousers (OK, so it was more than once!).

Until then, follow the fun @TracyMetro @Channel5_TV @FremantleUK @BoundlessTweets #HouseDoctor DomesticCircus

Here’s hoping this is just the beginning of a wild ride! #DreamsDoComeTrue


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