metro-trioI don’t know about you, but Halloween is my favorite time of the year! I love the Spooktacular decorations and costumes. Here’s what’s trending this year. 


If you’re into movies, Star Wars is always a classic and it’s a great thing to do as a family or a group because there are so many different characters. I call R2D2 because all that’s gold glitters!

Or, if you just like goofy costumes (like we do) look at this pix of how my family including my dog, Bernie, is going to be dressed this year! By the by, I’m the shark who was the better dancer with Katy Perry. #JustSayin’.



As a designer, I’m all about how to make the house look festive and fabulous both inside & out. Sparkly pumpkins & chic Day of the Dead are both trending in terms of styling.


Now thru this Saturday, when you spend $30 on costumes, party supplies or Halloween décor at Target,you’ll save $5! #YoureWelcome


Trick or Treaters:

I will admit that I don’t often eat candy bars, so this was news to me. Did you know there is a dark chocolate Kit Kat?  WHAT?! It’s called Kit Kat Darkness and is exclusive to Target. Um, 2 of my fav treats (outside of salted caramel and coffee gelato).

Autumnal Awesomeness:

Not everybody loves Halloween as much as I do.  Shocker!  But, one easy way to be festive without being Halloween-y is to PORCHSCAPE (I just made that up that term!)

porch porch-2

Basically, style your porch to feel like a room by adding patterned cushions in poppy colors that match the potted plants which are on your porch. Now, the sad truth is I’m awful at dealing with potted plants, grasses and landscaping, in general.  I know, not something you would have thought, but I inherited the lack of green thumb from my Mom. Thanks, Ma!  Here’s the scoop, I just never know how to handle each plant or grass’s different needs (sun, water, talking to!). Ahhhh.2 weeks ago, a friend told me about an app that geotargets your house (down to the side of the street it’s on!) and basically gives you a smart yard… kinda like Nest give you a smart home with the HVAC/security/Co2 detector system.

So, I downloaded the Gro app from Scotts Miracle Gro and think I might actually be able to grow something, for a change.  I’ll let you know because in 2 more weeks I’m slated to plant my whole property with pretty drought tolerant grasses, plants, trees.  Green thumbs crossed!


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