i HEART you, a Valentine’s Day themed party idea

Personalized plates

Like many, I’m not much for Hallmark holidays.  There isn’t much that makes me feel special about a day in which I’m TOLD to tell somebody that I love them.  Um, how about telling me when you are feeling it?

However, I had a meeting with some very special people today and I actually DID want them to know that they mattered to me, so I went ahead and made heart shaped cornbread and chocolate cake.  Just to be clear, I didn’t make the goods in pans and then use a heart shaped cookie cutter.  But rather, I used this “thing” I bought at a thrift store outside of nowheresville Oregon.

I like to buy odd cooking things and I like buying them even more when I get them at a yard sale or a thrift store.  That way, if they don’t work out, I haven’t wasted a bunch of dough (no pun intended).  LOTS of people (like my husband) think it’s gross to buy these kinds of things used… to which I say, you eat off of a FORK at a restaurant that was simply run through a restaurant washing device by somebody else.  When you buy a food appliance at least YOU have control over how clean it gets!!!

Sorry.  I digress.

So, I bought this Valtrompia Bread Tube Heart for a couple of bucks and then it just sat and sat and sat in the drawer until this very morning when I gave it it’s virgin whirl.

I’m known not to fully read directions.  It’s true.  I space out half way through and figure that I’ll just wing it.  Well, this time I made SURE to read it thoroughly because I could sense a huge-ass mess in my oven… and, boy am I glad that I focused long enough to read that I should TAPE the parchment paper to the tube or the contents will ooze out all over the place.

Frankly, I just used some Jiffy mix because the proportions were inline with recipe that came with the tube.  Voila.  Cute heart shaped cake bites.


**OK, here’s my fuck up disclaimer.  I got cocky after the corn hearts turned out so well, so I stopped paying attention and was on auto-pilot.  Guess what happened?  I forgot to put the tape around the parchment paper and had chocolate cake mix oozing all over the damn place.  Good think I had paid enough attention to place the tube in another pan to catch any mess!!!

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