Praying for rain

My assumption is that most people don’t beg for rain… especially if you have hair like mine!  When I’m wearing my hair curly (which is most of the time) the rain just makes the curls even corkscrewier than normal.  And if my hair is straight and it rains… forget about it… it’s goes curly!  I’m like the wicked witch of the west who melts when she gets wet!

Well, the reason I’m really rooting for rain right now is because I had what turns out to be a long term leak in my closet that I hadn’t noticed until it had soaked the carpeting about 3 feet away and my socks!

So, I did what anybody would do.  I said, FUCK.

Then, removed all of the clothing from my closet (damn I have a lot of clothes) and created a make-shift clothing rack out of chairs and brooms.
Next went the wallboard, the shelf and the insulation… Making sure to take the demo all the way to the next stud so I have someplace to attached the new drywall.  Yeah, you have to demo MORE than actually is damaged!  Joy.

Actually, I have to confess that I kinda like doing demo work.  I find it incredibly therapeutic.  It speaks to the perfectionist in me because I know I’m going to want an immaculately clean surface when I start re-drywalling.

Then came finding the leak.  Wasn’t too hard!

The Culprit

And, now… I sit and wait for rain to see if I’ve fixed the leak.  Don’t want to close up the wall until I KNOW for sure that I found where the water is coming from.  See water is a funny thing.  It can enter in one part of the house and show up 25′ away!  Sneaky, huh?

So, do me a favor and do a rain dance, so I can get my closet back together and the crap out of my guest bedroom!

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3 Responses to Praying for rain

  1. Deon says:

    Nice piece of writing, I am browsing back regularly to find refreshes.

  2. Kenny says:

    And where is the facebook like link ?

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