A picture is worth

Last weekend I went to 2 amazeballs shows in Palm Springs — Art Fair & Modernism.  I totally geeked out, as I knew I would… and I didn’t care how dorky I looked walking through with my camera around my neck.  People, this was my mecca.

As I meandered through the shows I snapped photo after photo after photo.

Paintings I wanted to remember…

Love everything about this piece... except the price tag!

sculptures I couldn’t afford…

This piece by Devorah Sperber is made from spools of thread!

pieces of furniture I wanted to replicate…

The sections are connected with zippers and the entire couch can be manipulated like a snake!

and my favorite of all favorites… BRIC-A-BRAC!!!

Does this taste funny to you?

At the end of the day, I was so creatively fulfilled by simply seeing everything that I didn’t feel the least bit sad that I wasn’t actually leaving with anything.  I have 222 (yes, that many!) photos of beautiful objects, pieces and musings that I can revisit again and again.

This photo trick is something I’ve been doing for years, when I go shopping.  I’ll take a photo of the thing that I’m on the fence about and if I can’t stop looking at the pix a few days later, then I know I need to go back and buy it.  It’s kind of like my own Pinterest board.  It’s just too dang bad that I didn’t come up with the idea for @Pinterest first… Because, if I had, I’d be able to purchase all of the above ;-)

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