Favorite pastime: coming up with theme party ideas

Tracy Metro - Themeologist

Honestly, at one point I was writing a book about theme parties called Themeology:  The Study of Throwing Themetastic Parties.  Above is the cover shot that I had hoped would help sell the book to a publisher, get me on the Today Show and make me millions! ;-)

Lo and behold, last year I spoke with this amazeballs literary manager who informed me that party books don’t sell.  Urg, that’s sucky.  But, even though that may be the case, it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped throwing themetastic parties.

Case in point…

Last week I hosted a 5 year reunion party for a webshow I co-hosted with Mark Steines from Entertainment Tonight.  The show was created and produced by Mark Burnett (yes, THAT Mark Burnett!) and called Gold Rush.  I was the “golden gal” who really was just there as Mark’s fill-in host when he couldn’t make it the location.  We (the production crew) traveled the country for 6 weeks as viewers played online and live games.  The winners would receive bars of GOLD and the opportunity to play for major cash in the final round!  I’m simplifying the show, but the experience was anything but simple.  We were like a traveling circus… and truth be told, it was TONS of fun!!!

Recently, I’d been thinking about the crew and I was wondering what everybody was up to… and, in my effort NOT to plan just another birthday party or kids party I thought it would be fun to plan an atypical reunion party for the entire Gold Rush crew!

Here’s why I recommend creating reunion parties around work. They’re a great way to see where people have landed and to share what you’re doing now.  Duh, that’s why they’re called reunions!!  Bottom line:  it’s all about networking and doing a workplace reunion party is a great way to find out who’s hiring!


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