Now that the recession is over…

Based on my client’s budgets, I’m not so sure the recession actually IS over!  But, I do believe that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and as a designer I think I’ve learned to do more with less, and creatively problem solve in ways I’ve never had to before.  I would say eclectic, imperfect and unique are three words that best describe how I’ve been working within the recession’s limitations.

Now, before I go on, the room I am about to tell you about is a basement with a 6’3″ ceiling… and a 20 something son lives down there while he gets his life together.  Oh, and this room will be featured on my show I Live with My Mom on YouTube’s new channel SpacesTV!  Thought I’d get the plug in there :-)

Back to the room issue:  I was troubled with how to make this room feel special when I found the budget couldn’t handle the unique wallpaper I wanted to use.  An option was painting that troubled wall a highlight color; unfortunately, it felt so “ho hum!”  In fact, dare I say BORING?  So, I hopped on (you can follow me there, if you care to see my aesthetic), cruised around for inspiration and lo and behold found it.  Actually, my idea didn’t come from anything I saw there, but it got my mind thinking about free products I could use to create my OWN wallpaper effect, and boom I had my answer… which is at my finger tips nearly everyday.  Newspapers!

I took stacks upon stacks of newspapers and turned them into vertically stripped wallpaper by tri-folding individual newspaper pages between 1-3″ in width.  Then, using wallpaper paste, I coated the strips and placed them on the wall in a varied pattern to create a mosaic of print.  The furniture that I used (some of theirs, some I supplemented from discount and thrift stores) had a modern speakeasy vibe.  They were thrilled, I was pleased and the speakeasy was open for business!

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