Makeovers make my husband PRAPPY

I hate long blog posts, but I just couldn’t condense this one… sorry!  Get a cocktail and settle in for a few…

My husband, Marty, coined the word PRAPPY.  Proud + Happy = PRAPPY!  And, right now he’s very prappy because I’m doing what I love (designing) and doing it on-camera (also something I love)!  Truth be told, it’s all because of my agent, Tim Kessler (the guy above), for anybody who cares and is keeping track!!

Allow me to digress for a moment…

Lots of on-camera talent like to kvetch about their agents.  I often hear complaints such as:

#1 He never returns my phone calls.

#2 She’s useless… she does nothing for me.  I get all of my own work.

#3 They make me feel as if I’m not big enough to warrant any attention.

#4 He has absolutely no clue what my goals are!

#5 For her, it’s a numbers game… and I’m just a low number on her totem pole.

To all of them I say pshaw!  Tim happens to be just the opposite.  He actually returns my phone calls the day I call him – imagine that!  Even though I’m hardly his biggest client, my deals feel no less important than the biggies for his “name” clients.  He has taken a genuine interest in who I am as a person and is completely aware of where I want to go (can you say win a Daytime Emmy for the Tracy Metro show?  No, seriously SAY IT!).  And, the piece de resistance, he has actually drummed up work FOR me!  WHAT?  WHAT?  Yes, yes it’s true.

So, this posting is a love letter to Tim.  Cue: birds chirping, bunnies hopping in the meadow and cotton candy tumble weeds floating buy.

Here’s how it all went down. A production company was looking for a local hire in NYC to save on budget and they wanted to know if Tim had any fun, awesome designers who are great at rethinking small spaces.  Small spaces with big design ideas are kind of my thing.

While I live in Los Angeles, Tim knew that I fit the designer bill, and that I had lived in NYC and still had family there.  He thought perhaps I could stay with family while doing the show.  Point one for Tim for putting pieces of the puzzle together.

Before he even really gets that point, how about the fact that this job wasn’t even posted anywhere for all of the zillion TV agents to clamor over?!?!  This design gig was cast through personal relationships.  Point TWO for Mr. Kessler.

Point three kinda is a push because Tim opened the door and then stepped aside and allowed me to do what I do to book the job.  He trusted me enough to establish my own relationship with production and offer to design a room for free, so I could show them what I can do!  So, between the trust and the freebie, we’ll split that point ;-)

All of this is to say, if Tim didn’t have the personal relationship with the producers, if he hadn’t taken as much of an interest in me as he has over the years and if he didn’t trust me enough to be a professional… then I wouldn’t be having the time of my life on I Live with My Mom and Marty wouldn’t be prappy.  Which really, isn’t it all about Marty Metro being prappy?

So, thank you Tim Kessler.  This is an experience I’m not ready to end.  In fact, I often say I go into mourning right AFTER a gig is over because I’m sad the experience has ended.   But, this time it’s different because (while I’m actually STILL shooting) I’ve already started wearing black because I know I’m to going to miss the design challenges, my time (re)living in NYC and the gaggle from Digital Broadcast Group & Foglight Entertainment as soon as this is over.


**I Live with My Mom asks that I redesign rooms of 20 somethings who are still living in their childhood bedrooms loaded with kiddie stuff such as soccer trophies, stuffed Teddy bears and Star Wars sheets.  It’s a hoot!  Subscribe.

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