Pretty in Pink

Some girls love the color pink.  Some women love the color pink.

Tristen Sierra is caught somewhere between a girl and a woman, but what’s completely clear is that she definitely LOVES pink!  So, I wanted to give her what she loves, so I painted each wall a different shade of pink from a Behr paint chip!  You almost didn’t notice the gradation until the lightest color wall and the darkest color wall came together.

When I was asked to design Tristen’s room I was super excited because I knew exactly what she needed, she needed to move into a boutique, and since that wasn’t quite possible, I brought the boutique to her (minus the cash register!)

Some of us like to see our belongings, while others of us prefer to hide them away.  I’m the latter, but little Ms. T was the former, so I put it all on display for everyone to see.

Like her fab shoes collection…

And the purses…

And sunglasses…

And perfumes…

She’s a girl who likes the latest and greatest, but our budget didn’t afford us the luxury of purchasing a zillion new things (especially when you get her a PINK TV!) so I repainted a headboard that I actually FOUND (on the streets of NYC) and I repainted her old dresser allowing it to live a new life… oh, and never under estimate the power of a good “toss out!”

To see the makeover live and in technicolor go to SpacesTV and let me know what you think @TracyMetro


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