A Rapper’s Delight

Thank you @Pier1 and Command Damage-Free Decorating for helping me make Ryan Nach’s home studio a little bit cuter… well, OK, a LOT cuter!!!

When we got there, the place was a mess!  NO style.  NO organization.  NO place for clients to chill.


Not to mention NO way of even knowing where you were located!  Uh, are we in somebody’s basement, or are we in an up-and-coming rap mogul’s office?


Believe it or not, this was an easy makeover thanks to Pier 1’s rich colors and lovely fabrics and 3M’s mini projector!


Furniture first:  I gave him a clean-lined white desk from Pier 1 and 2 stunning mustard brocade-backed chairs.  I rearranged where his desk lived which gave him some executive seating… and before you can say Ice T, we had created a fantab place for Ryan to take meetings.


Then, I added this moody high-backed sofa and the famous pompadon chair and boom, a rapper’s delight was formed.


Projector next: I took an old serving tray that I found in a thrift shop, projected Ryan’s company’s logo for Knock It Out Records onto the glass of the tray and simply traced the logo onto the tray.  Then, I hung it on the wall and voila, the nook became the hangout that was needed.


Check out the makeover @spacestv.


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