Caught between a Rooke and a hard place.

I can honestly say that I have never been in a room as messy and disheveled as Charles Rooke’s.  OK, maybe it wasn’t so much the MESS as much as the mayhem and destruction that I’d never seen before!  There wasn’t one UNBROKEN item in the room… am I exaggerating?  Um, NO.  Not by a long shot!

My mission with the makeover was to give him things that I HOPED would be unbreakable like this fantastic locker structure I found online at Jorgensen in Utah.  Not only was this the perfect design item, it was also the perfect organizational item for him.  Win win for sure!

Next indestructible item to be put in the room was this groovy metal chair.  Worst thing that could happen to that would be a few dents, right?  And, truthfully, some dents might just give it some character… at least that’s what I say about myself ;-)

Then, I took the knives out of his hands (and walls), and placed them ON the wall, not IN the wall as they had been.

I found a cute kids desk, from the 60s, at a thrift store and turned that into his night side table.  I figured that if it had survived for over 50 years with a whole bunch of kids banging on it… it just might be able to stand up to Charles Rooke’s banging ways!

It’s been a few months since I left there, and I wonder how his room has survived?  Come to think of it, maybe I don’t want to know ;-)

Want to see the room come to life?  Check it out @spacesTV



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