Yes, I actually just made over a TV star’s space – from Jerseylicious.  You know how they say TV people can be really uppity and pretentious?  Well I’m here to tell you that Jesse Munoz is FAR from that… she just so happens to be the sweetest dang thing in the world… pretty AND sweet.  BITCH!

Jesse is a makeup artist who had no place to even do her OWN makeup let alone a client’s!!  So, I gave her a home studio fit for the celebrity makeup artist that she is!

What I really wanted to give her was a cozy place for clients to come, and get beautified for a special event.  What we wound up giving her was a launching pad for life.  It’s kinda awesome to see how a makeover can really rejigger someboy’s life, and that’s what happened with Jesse’s double room redo.

Lighting is probably the MOST important element (besides the actual makeup) when making up a face.  And, it just so happens that Jesse had the worst lighting possible.  I knew that that was the A #1 mission with redoing her rooms.  So I hunted and hunted until I found this extraordinary lighting/mirror table from Vanity Girl.   I will admit that it wasn’t exactly the cheapest thing; however, it was worth every single penny when she walked in that room!  Her face lit up and the tears started streaming when she realized that she “had arrived!”

Jesse has a gorgeous collection of vintage clothing so I wanted to put it on display for her clients to browse through.  Who knows, perhaps one day she’ll begin styling people, too.

I found a simple wardrobe at Ikea (yes, you can get more traditional looking things at Ikea these days) and dolled it up with 2 stripes of vinyl.  This created a custom look for less than $20.

The ballet wall was a vision that came to me in the middle of the night… tulle in 5 shades of purple flowing on the wall.  It was girly, soft and sweet – an outer representation of the inner Jesse. I ask you, who carries a zillion shades of purple tulle?  Mood Fabrics of course!

One of my new fav inexpensive design ideas is using Wallpaper for Windows to doll up a window that you don’t want to put curtain, blind or drapes on.  This one I used here is so modern looking and very in keeping with the duality of modern girly vibe we were going for.

To see the tears flow, go to @spacesTV. To tell me what you think, go to @tracymetro

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