You don’t know Jack.

I had never designed a “traditional” room before I met Jack Bingham, so this was something to which I was very much looking forward.  Typically, I’m asked to do modern, fun and playful spaces, so how did I get this gig?  Oh yeah, he was cast on my show, I Live with My Mom!

So, was I worried about whether or not I could pull-off this kind of room makeover?  NO way!!  See, design is design is design.  The only differences in creating modern VS traditional spaces are the colors, textures and overall vibes.  Everything else follows the exact same principles of good design – focal points, layout, lighting, ingress and egress, etc.

Jack’s room posed a big challenge because he really needed it to serve as a bedroom, an office and a refuge from his Mom’s cats –all at once!   Organizing maniac, Tracy, to the rescue.

First things first, I pushed his bed into the corner, made arm cushions out of scrap foam that I scavengered from my artist friend Ed Benavente’s, house and covered them with drapery panels from @Target!  Then, I loaded the bed/couch/daybed with a zillion mismatched and yet complimentary pillows.  Sleeping and entertaining seating SOLVED.

Next, making the space reflect the occupant.  I often extol the wonders of a good flea market and this room showcased a few such finds.  Jack is a religious man, so these iron-scrolled candle holders coupled with a crest he had gotten as a kid brought his essence to life.

Then, I created a study station by using both sides of the desk hutch combo.  This way, he can co-write some briefs with a fellow student.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t do it wearing ONLY his briefs ;-)

Finally, the most poetic element in his makeover was the empty frame awaiting his JD diploma when he graduates from law school.  Until then, the most beautiful element in the room is the painting Judith Asher painted especially for the room.  Crisp vibe – SOLVED.

Now that I’ve completed this country club vibe, I’m jonesing for another such room to makeover.  I now find myself looking at toile sheets, damask curtains and duck shaped pillows… in hopes that somebody will come quacking sooner rather than later, and I’ll be able to use the rescources that I’ve gathered in my mind.

To see the plaid, duck and gold-button blazer room come to life, go to @spacesTV

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