Fall Fix Up Tips


Sometimes ya gotta do what you don’t necessarily WANT to do.  This could be one of those times if I didn’t have some snappy gadgets and tricks to make it much easier than it normally is.  I was just on a few news stations talking about this stuff…

Tip #1 HIRE OUT.  Seriously.  I know you’re a superstar (so am I), but there are times it just pays to have a pro do it.  Right this minute, my house is being pressure-washed by an expert to prep it for painting (proper painting tip: you want to clean the house before applying paint or you’re painting over dirt. Gross).

Sure, pressure washing is easy to do; however, do I have all day to rent the machine, lug around the ladder, run inside and out to mop up the water that squeezes through the window?  Well, yeah I could take a day to do it, but do I WANT to.  NO.  I’m busy working and don’t feel like wasting my precious free time doing this.  HIRE OUT.

Tip #2 PLAN AHEAD. Spending a few bucks now could save major bucks later.  Get your heating system checked out NOW before the chill sets in.  A) you won’t have any nights huddled under 27 blankets, B) you’ll be able to make educated decisions as opposed to shotgun decisions = less stress and C) you can shop around for the best prices should you find out you actually need a new unit as opposed to a quick repair on the existing.  Sadly my unit is old and yet still runs; however, I am wasting major dough with an inefficient heat pump.  Ugh.  It’s time to be good to Mother Nature and invest in Carrier’s eco-frendly Infinity unit which has Greenspeed Intelligence (I’m sure it’s way smarter than I am!) which is THE most efficient system on the market.

Tip #3 TIDY.  This time of year people seem to pop in at a moment’s notice.  Just happened last night in fact.  A friend from college stayed over as he was in town for the night and rather than stay in a hotel, we could wake up together and have coffee in our jammies!  As I mentioned, the house is (and was yesterday) being pressure washed which meant stuff was flying through the windows and the place was littered with bits of paint chips and twigs.  CRAZINESS I say.  Having a vacuum that works on all surfaces and is easy to carry around makes picking up the mess easy peasy so it’s not such a chore (no pun intended).  I know this is odd, but I like to sweep and vacuum!  I find it relaxing.  I’m weird.  Well, Samsung just started selling this canister model here in the US.  It has an extra large brush head (15″… that’s what SHE said) which means is covers a lot of ground in one pass.  Also, you can wash the HEPA filter in the dishwasher or washing machine!  Cool, right?  Honestly, I’ve been emptying the bag in my old vacuum for years because I could never find my particular U bag.  SO annoying.

Tip #4 TWEAK.  Making over a bathroom and/or a kitchen are both MAJOR projects that can’t always be turned out in a weekend, but you can do a fluff and fold makeover, as I like to call them.  Go to my fav store, Home Goods, and simply change out the towels, the shower curtain, bath mat and soap dish to a new color scheme.  Then change out the shower head to something delicious like Waterpik’s Riata shower head which has 14 different spray settings (including a whole water saving feature!)… and for less than $100 for EVERYTHING you’ve just changed up how you experience life in your bathroom.

Tip #5 SPEND ON QUALITY.  Listen ya’ll, I’m a frugal fanny.  I don’t like wasting money.  It drives me crazy, actually!  Well, in my old age, I have learned that there are places to spend money and places not to… I say never spend on a trend.  Trendy clothing is wear it for a season and toss it.  There’s no need to support a major fashion label for goofy shoes that you’ll never wear next year!  However, appliances such as a stove or refrigerator and a dang good pair of sneakers are all smart places to put some moolah.  Another great place is my latest obsession:  the ROBO REEL which is a 50′ extension cord.  What?  Spend money on an extension cord when you an pick up a cheapie at Home Depot for pennies on the dollar?  This is no ordinary extension cord, people.  It self-winds into a little housing unit that looks like a pumpkin or an Ewok and you can carry the whole thing with you no matter where you’re working.  It keeps the cord from tangling (which normally mine is always tangled) and it has the ability to be hung on the wall (or even a ceiling mount!), so it’s out of the way.  I’m not doing it justice.  Watch this vid and you’ll be as awed as I was.  To be honest, I do NOT own one of these YET, but I’m thinking about plunking down the dough for a good extension cord that I’ll have for the rest of my life — and every project on my docket.  You know, now that the Retro Metro houseboat is done the RV is next, so maybe it’ll have to be a part of the makeover budget :-)

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