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I just spent the morning blabbing on and on about the wonders of Velcro Brand removable hangers for holiday decorating and was just told that you can enter a contest to win an entire bag of Velcro Brand swag!  So, I wanted to share the swagalicious news immediately… if not sooner!  Enter here.  Seriously, the Velcro tape doesn’t damage the walls so it’s simply perfect for holiday decorating in odd parts of the house where you would’t want to damage a wall.

Also, I talked about the need for good lighting during the holidays and in general.  Bad lighting can seriously ruin good design.  I’m just sayin’.  Last week I put a Samsung LED lightbulb in one of the table lamps in my “lounge” and I must say the soft white light it throws off is way brighter and crisper than that of the traditional bulb in the lamp right next to it.  I guess I need to run to Lowes to pick up a matching bulb as this looks kinda silly (the picture doesn’t do it justice… I guess I need to get a new camera, too!)

It was so super fun to showcase my goofy family photos.  I SO hope my mother doesn’t kill me that I showed the silliest pix of her on national TV!  Listen, when I’m sharing holiday table decorating tips, everything is fair game ;-)  Sorry Mom!  Actually, I really do love my idea, so here it is in case you missed the segment.  Take cheap wooden frames, stain them using 1 of 24 colors by Minwax and then place goofy family photos in the frames like I did.  Place those pix frames in front of place settings at the holiday table instead of the standard written place cards.  The silly photos make everybody laugh and they get people talking which is certainly better than what happens at many holiday dinner tables!  Duck, there’s a dinner roll coming your way…

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