Top 5 design trends for 2013… I think ;-)

  1. High contrast graphics are quite popular as they give a lot of bang for their buck.  As in, you can add major pizzazz to a bedroom simply by putting a comforter (with a bold graphic) on the bed.  Boom.  1 down.


  1. Double duty is 1/2 as cheap!  Making sure items in any given room serve two purposes is quite trendy these days.  For example:  The Murphy bed allows one room to be an office/meeting room part of the time and a bedroom the other part of the time. Using school lockers creates an entertainment center that also double as a very organized clothing system.  And she’s on a roll…


  1. Sure, people have been using vinyl graphics on their walls for a while, but now people are using them on their actual furniture and cabinets.  Forget replacing cabinets, or even repainting/restaining existing ones.  Instead, placing colorful vinyl sheeting on the insets of cabinet doors to create an entirely new look is quite hip these days.


  1. It’s hip to be square!  Laying new flooring is crazy expensive laying carpeting OVER existing flooring is a cheap cheat!  Carpet squares from places such as Flor are a fun way to get as creative as you want with jazzing up the ground on which you walk!  Also, if there’s a stain, now there’s no need to replace the entire carpet — simply swap out that one tile.  Genius, I say!  And, my last prediction for trends of 2013…


  1. Creating wall vignettes is tres happening right now.  Whether it’s 25 mismatched pix frames that are all painted the same color, or a plethora of one item in varying styles/designs… vignettes are a way to showcase your favorite things and yet still be current stylistically!


Eat it and weep.


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