Wash your mouth out…

Um, well… how about wash your laundry room out?!

Yup!  Spring cleaning is here. Duh. Everybody’s talking about it, so I thought I’d hop on the bandwagon!  I’ve got 4 tips for a cleaner life.

#1 Access.  Have your cleaning supplies handy so you don’t have to go hunting around for them.  If the goodies are there, you’re more likely to do small touch up cleaning rather than waiting to do a big ol day of cleaning.  I’m loving Windex’s Touch Up Cleaner because it sits on the counter right where you need it.  There’s one for the bath and one for the kitchen.  Smells pretty delish, too.

#2 DECLUTTER! Everybody knows to declutter during the springtime; however, if I told you you could declutter your laundry room by not having any detergent bottles lying around would you believe me?  Well, BELIEVE ME because there is a washing machine into which you pour a gallon+ of liquid detergent, so you never have bottles hanging around ever again!  Amazing, right?  Also, it has the highest capacity on the market, so fewer loads sounds like more free time to play croquet!  I know, I know… what’s it called? GE’s washing machine with SMART DISPENSE!

#3 Maintenance Free.  I say invest in things that don’t need to be tended to.  Most of us have a bathroom faucet with finger prints and watermarks… not to mention all of the toothpaste funk (but I can’t really help you with that one!).  Moen’s Ashville faucet is science class great!  It’s so smart, and I’m so NOT smart, so I copied all of the crazy details from their site, so you can see for yourself! It has  “spot resist brushed nickel with Microban® infused into the faucet finish, Microban® technology works 24/7 for durable antimicrobial protection that won’t wash off or wear away.”  See?  I told you it was fancy schmancy… and cute, too!

#4 Protection! You know what they say… no glove no love.  Um, well that actually has nothing to do with this, but I am super serious about this.  We want to toss the crap we don’t need and protect & preserve the stuff we DO need… like our digital lives — whether we’re talking about our work or home life, documents, pictures, music, etc.  For years now I’ve backed up to Carbonite because I have a fear of my computer crashing, or my house catching on fire with said computer in it!  I believe in off-site back ups as opposed to an external HD for the irrational fire fear.  Makes sense and you know it.  Now go back up your files!

Oh, and Happy Spring!

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