Some summer ideas that are short n sweet like me.

#1 Hotel freebies

Book ahead and look for freebies, duh!  I’m the worst at planning my travel in enough time to get great deals, so I’m left to find great deals that always exist!  My favorite freebies are free breakfast and wifi (in fact, I’m using NYC’s Wingate by Wyndham’s free wifi right now to write this!).
Call me cheap, call me thrifty… Just keep calling me!  Since I travel all over the US and Canada I often find myself staying at Baymont Inn & Suites (which is a part of the Wyndam rewards program)… They have over 300 hotels across N America!  That’s a lot of rooms in a lot of places to which I travel.  Not that I have kids, but kids under 17 stay free with Mom n Dad, too.  See?  Another freebie… Though kids in and of themselves couldn’t be any more expensive could they?!
#2 Get crafty and/or win some dough

You know I’m a crafter — check out my inspiration here… And of course, I had to get in on the fun, so I made this serving tray out of an old picture frame!  Then, my niece and nephew helped me decorate it with Lays potato chip bags!
I also Tweeted this pix to #Lays75 (it’s their 75th anniversary… Man, they’re OLD!) and am now entered to win $75 give-a-way just because I shared one of my summer moments!  This contest is going on from now til Aug 2nd.  What’s YOUR fav summer moment?  Tweet it to me @tracymetro and @lays
#3 It’s too hot to bake
Summer is all about the Americana dessert… None other than apple pie ala mode.  Are you a cheese on top kinda gal?  I am NOT.
It’s obviously way to flipping hot to bake your own pie, so I’m recommending you put a little flour dust on your cheek and pawn off Mrs Smith’s deep dish Dutch apple pie as your own!  Shhhh.  Nobody will ever know; it’ll be our little secret. And THEIR secret is that the crust is made with real butter, so it truly tastes homemade.  I won’t tell if you won’t!
Also, you know I’m a fan of variety at a party, right?  It’s the spice of life!  I just learned about Edwards Singles Pies (which are served in single slices!) and I am officially obsessed! What!?!  Yes.  You can have 11 different kinds of pie at your next party, so people can each have what they want… or, they COULD all fight over the salted caramel piece :-).  And those crusts are made with real cookies!
I’m getting fat just thinking about how much pie I’m going to eat tonight!  It’s called indulgence, people!
Happy summering.



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