Fancy Fall Fix Ups

If you hate to read, don’t worry… I’ve got you covered with a VIDEO!


What’s your style?  Once you know what it is… Doll up your space to that end.  The easiest and least expensive way to do that is to paint a wall or piece of furniture with a FUN BOLD GRAPHIC (like I did to this bowl up above). Frog Tape has a specialty product called Shape Tape to make creating graphics super easy.  They have chevron (used on previous stated bowl!), scallop and wave patterns which are so crazy easy to use and let you be as creative as your noggin’ will allow.  Not to get too cray cray but the tape has paint block technology which means paint won’t seep thru the tape line!  Hello?  Time saver… And it realllly works!  Shout out to Coach, Big Al and Bulldog on WOCM in Ocean City, Maryland on The Rude Awakening Show who LOVE and swear by Frog tape, too!!  

Bathrooms are easy fluff ‘n fold fix ups!

#1 Get fresh new fluffy towels (that’s the fluff part!).

#2 Put the lights on dimmers… Everybody looks great in low light!

#3 Change out the showered to one of those rain style shower heads that douses you as if you’re in the Amazon Rainforest showering OUTSIDE!  Typically a ceiling mounted shower head would be a major fix up, but if you install the Arris shower head by Moen you don’t have to do ANY plumbing at all as it attaches directly to your existing shower head. It projects out on a 14″ arm which puts that big ol shower head right in the middle of the shower. Yummy! I have one on my boat and it is such a DELISH shower!

Let’s file this next fix under I WANT THAT!!!  Sleep Number has a bed layer called the Dual Temp Layer. This is for folks like Marty and I who constantly disagree on the temp in the house and bed! I like it warm, he like it like an iceberg! Is he an Eskimo? Anywhoooo. It has dual air technology that allows each sleeper to control their own temp. It fits on any mattress brand… And maybe one day I will actually find it on MY QUEEN MATTRESS!! To check it out go to one of the 425 stores which can be found on Sleep Number

The last fix is one that that will (hopefully) stop laundry fights! What? You don’t fight over who does the laundry? Well, most mortals do and now there is a laundry app to stop them! Yes, there truly is an app for everything! Actually this free app is by Whirlpool and is called Wash Squad. It allows folks to assign laundry tasks to different family members who earn points for doing laundry chores. It’s a GAME!!! How fun is that? Also, there is a stain guide for rookie laundresses! Wash Squad FREEEEEEE app

What are your fall fix up tips? Tweet them to me @TracyMetro and I’ll share them on TV next week!


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