Well, it’s not quite ho ho time yet; however it IS time to get the house ready for guests for Thanksgiving!  I heart everything about T-Day… especially my last 2 year’s centerpieces!

Cute huh?

Here are 3 tips for a perfect-ish holiday…

Tip #1:

Right now, check that your oven is WORKING and cooking at the right temperature!  Serving frozen turkey would certainly be “memorable” ;-)… I’ve actually served frozen food at a party because my oven wasn’t working.  Take it from me, it’s not fun!


How do you find a trusted contractor to do a given  job (such as fixing the oven, faucet or laying new flooring) right the first time?


ServiceLive.com.  All of the 30,000 contractors in the database have been background checked!  Hollah that ;-)  And, it’s free to use!

Tip #2

Walk outside of your home and come back in.  Act like a guest…. What do you see?  Most of us see passed our own funk, clutter and mess.  Look up:  clear away the cobwebs!  Look straight ahead and do a clean sweep of the mail, magazines and junk on the entry table.  Look down:  are the floors a mess?


You’ve probably already fully mopped the house, but likely have messy spots from so much foot traffic, so…

Solution: spot clean ‘em with Pledge Floor Care Wood Spray Cleaner.  It’s designed specifically for spot removal!  Pull the trigger, mop up the paw prints, get on with you life!

Tip #3

When you walk in as the “guest”, what does your house smell like?  Every home has an aroma.  Is yours yummy? Or decidedly icky?  Research shows that scent is one of the most powerful senses!  It evokes emotion and memory.   Well, I know it does for me.  When I smell my Grandma’s Jean Nate after bath body splash it brings me back to my childhood.  I digress!


What if your house has one of those funky aromas?  Or, you just want to “smell” the holiday?

Solution:  Glade’s Winter Collection is super yummy.  My fav: Pure Vanilla Joy room spray.  I use this in my bedroom and it just makes me decompress.  Also the long-lasting wax melts really do last a LOOOOOOONG time!  And, the Plugins Customizable Warmer is a high-tec-ish dispenser that alternates between fragrances every other day!  In my living room is the combo Apple Cinnamon Cheer & Sparkling Spruce.

Now, that everything in the house is in order, I just need to figure out what I’m going to do for my centerpieces, this year!

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