Santa Baby!

It’s time to start thinking about great gifts!!  And, when I say great, I actually mean CHEAP, er cost effective! ;-)

I just had breakfast with a bunch of girlfriends and asked their opinion on something I’ve been wanting to do for years… gift the gift of STOCKS to my nieces and nephews.  My gals LOVED the idea and said that their sons had actually been wanting to start an investment club, at their school.  Cool, right?

So, it’s ON.  I’m going to talk with each of my nieces and nephews, find out what they’re interested in, and we’ll buy each of them one stock to watch grow.  High five, er four ShareBuilder!

There's an investor in everyone.

I totally love to make custom gifts, but the truth is, not everybody is quite like me and has the inclination to sit and craft.  But, everybody CAN create personal gifts at Walgreens. Don’t tell my personal trainer, Charles Hernandez, that I’m giving him these pix from my trip to Africa, last year to decorate his home.

It’s a fact that I travel a ton. It’s also a fact that I have a stack of magazines (that’s just about up to my KNEES!) to read.

I take as many mags as I can carry on the plane, without literally breaking my neck. The Next Issue app has changed my life and the amount of chiropractor visits! With the app, you can download and read 120 issues of your fav mags on your iPad… Which is lighter than a premie baby!!  That’s pretty lite!

This next gift is for my husband, Marty Metro, whose cellphone is forever DEAD and drives me NUTS! Duracell PowerMat gives you twice the battery life. Enough said. Go to the site and you use the code: Metro25 to save 25% sitewide! Hurry!  Don’t know how long that puppy will last!  You’re welcome.


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