If you know me, you know I love my boy, Bernie, whom we found in San Bernandino, CA (hence the name Bernie!) and our late girl Sasee :-( We always take them with us wherever we go during the holidays and this year is no different except that it’s just Bernie and us.

We like to play it footloose and let the breeze take us wherever it may… especially when we’re traveling in the green beast (and in need of a nice shower and cozy bed)!

As we’re cruising the backroads, we tend to hop online to find a hotel that’s convenient to wherever we get tired, one that’s affordable, pet friendly and that allows us to get POINTS/Loyalty Rewards!  This holiday season you will get 30% off of rooms at hotels in the Wyndham Hotel Group (Ramanda, Super 8, Days Inn, etc).  FYI many of their hotels allow pets.  Woof to that!

When traveling with the boy, we ALWAYS have water and treats… for us and him!  It’s a road trip, for heaven’s sake.  We like to snack on:

and the boy likes:

If you buy specially marked Pedigree packages, proceeds go to helping find homes for shelter dogs thru the Pedigree Foundation!  Yay!

I always HAVE the water with me on the road trip, but I am the WORST at actually drinking the water because it’s boring and flavorless.  But, just like it’s important to keep the puppies hydrated on these long holiday drives to Grandma’s house, it’s just as important to keep US hydrated, too!  Oh, what I really meant to say was that it’s important to keep ourselves hydrated at all of the holiday parties we attend ;-)

Tip:  drink one libation.  Then one hydration.  I like Vitamin Water Zero because A) it’s tasty, B) it’s tasty and C) it’s tasty… oh, and it has zero calories and is naturally sweetened.  Drink up AND make sure to make it in your mouth unlike Ellen!


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