Stand Up Party!

Winter is in full-swing and at this point, many can feel bored, cabin-fevered and like their missing seeing friends!  Here’s the winter remedy… a STAND UP party!

First off, what is a stand up party?  Thought you’d never ask.  It’s a quick party in which you encourage people to stand up (as in not sit down!) the entire time, which encourages mingling, chatting and getting to know each other!

Then, the next question is, what do people talk about?  Work?  Ugh. Boring!  Let’s GIVE people things to talk about…

Know the quote, “Life is short, eat dessert first?”  Well, we’re taking that to heart by starting the party with yummy cookies made with Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles!  Why?  To encourage people to pick a side. As in, are you #TeamFruity or #TeamCocoa.  Silly.  Fun.  Makes us all feel like kids again, and what could be wrong with that?

Food is THE vehicle to get folks talking, and one of my favorite ways is to do food taste-tests.  Start with an olive oil tasting.  You can choose a single brand such as Pompeian‘s new Varietals Collection, or a variety of brands of EVOO (doesn’t matter) and put the oils in individual ramekins.  Guest will dip little pieces of  yummy baguette into the different oils and discuss whether they’re more of a mild, medium or full-bodied fan.

Who doesn’t love yummy cheeses?  Therefore, it’s another great food to get conversation flowing.  Cut up tiny pieces of different kinds of cheese either within one brand such as Roth Grand Cru Cheese, or using a variety of brands (again, doesn’t matter).

Folks will (hopefully) become very interested in discussing the nuances of the different cheeses.  And, boom conversation is flowing!  Any leftovers, just toss them into a creamy, cheesy dish and this cheese melts like, well, cheese!

Of course wine, which is often referred to as liquid courage, is a great conversation starter.  And, always have a wonderful assortment of different varietals.  Red.  White. Rose.  More on wine tastings in another post!  But, there ARE other liquids to discuss.

Last food that’s a great conversation starter…

Most folks serve coffee at the end of a party.  Not me.  We gotta do things differently!  So, I say, serve a variety of teas!  Green Mountain Coffee Roasters packages Celestial Seasonings and Bigelow teas for Keurig which allows everybody to choose their fave.  Green, Earl Grey, English Breakfast… you get the idea.

Sometimes us Americans can be as tea-particular as those tea-lovin’ Brits!

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