B.O.A.T. – an acronym for

Great stove!

Ah, to own a boat and be boaters, boat-people, boat-y McBoatsteins…Turns out, that silly adage about what the word B.O.A.T. stands for (Break Out Another Thousand) really is true… And we won’t even have engine repair bills to pay for because, we removed the irreparable engine from the boat in order to have what we affectionately call a floating condo.  Perfect for us.  A place to chill, read, write, yada yada.

As you can see, the boat was completely livable.  It certainly wasn’t fabulous and if there’s one thing you’ll learn about me, I like fabulous.  The boat was mid 70s and when I say mid 70s, I mean real mid 70s, not the ironic Mork & Mindy, Heller plate, latch-pull-rug mid 70s, I’m so fond of scouring Goodwill for.

I did what anyone of you would have done.  I decided Green Anchors needed to be Fabulous 70s… and, it was time for a remodel.  Oh, and it had to be done in a green fashion (hence the name Green Anchors) with repurposed furniture, green building materials and solar panels.  In other words, I had a B.O.A.T. project on my hands.

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  1. Sam says:

    I would really like to thank you so much for your work you have made in writing this posting. I am hoping the same effective job by you down the road too.

  2. William says:

    Came to your blog through Google. You already know I am signing up to your feed.

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