Are you a VIP drinker?

If you know me (and I hope that after reading my blog you kinda do) that I loves me some #vintage finds.  I DO indeed break for #YardSales.  And, of course, when I’m needing a fix in the middle of the night, or when trying to avoid work, I comb @eBay for all manner of things.

Today I was looking for a specific vintage glass to replace one that had broken.  While searching @eBay, I came across a few cocktail glasses that got me thinking… What kind of VIP drinker are you?

I’m asserting that the STYLE of glass to which you are attracted tells a lot about who you are as a person.  Read below to see if I’ve pegged who you are based on which glass you’ve chosen.

If selected the above glass as your choice, you are uppity and somewhat proud of that fact.  You might even wear it as a badge of honor.  You like cocktails that are made by suspender-wearing, hipster guys with waxed mustaches.  You unashamedly request a specific liquor and pray that the ice cubes are square in shape, and used sparingly.  You buy local and organic, and leave the “organic” label on the veggies, so you can remind yourself how “conscious” you are.  By the way, I am this asshole.

If you selected the above glass as your choice, you are a player… er, well, want to be seen as a player.  You workout your pecs and shoulders exclusively while completely forgetting that you have legs and a tush which are sadly lacking.  Your jeans have more sparkles on them than Dorothy’s red ruby slippers; you are indeed a rhinestone cowboy.  At a bar, you’re a loud-talker and yet your friends don’t rat you out because most of the time you’re actually quite “normal.”

If you selected the above glass as your choice, you are what’s known as an experienced bar-babe who is somewhat shy until she gets some liquor in her system.  You like to spend time at bars and yet prefer to be on the periphery of the action.  While you would never introduce yourself to a cute guy (for fear of rejection) you would egg-on your friends to do so while you sat and held the purses.  You are known to go-hard early in the evening, so you can be in bed by 10.  You thrive on trying to be perfect.

If you selected the above glass as your choice, you are a dude who is the life of the party.  On the outside you look like your every-man.  Your affable, go-with-the-flow attitude gets you laid more than the hot dudes.  Girls fawn all over you because you’re funny.  You’re begrudgingly stuck in middle management, but have resigned yourself to that far now and are OK with it.  To keep yourself occupied, you Tweet your funnies.  Hobbies might include: hunting using rubber bullets, ironic stamp collecting and building/racing go-karts.

Tweet me @tracymetro which glass you chose… and if I’ve described you to a T!

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