Top 10 list of things to blog about when you have nothing to write about:

10. Your dog being as important to you as a human, hence why you brush his teeth… with your toothbrush.

9. The zany things your kids do (caveat: you must have kids, so as to not seem delusional to the rest of the world).

8. Your crappy mood no matter how enormously successful and financially well-off you are.

7. What you ate for lunch and why it was a bad choice.

6. What you ate for breakfast and why it was also a bad choice.  Damn you, Weight Watchers.

5. What you would do if you lept and the net actually didn’t appear.

4. How you and a gaggle of friends went for a hike, didn’t take a map, used up all of your cell battery Instagraming your time with Mother Nature and only made it back to the car as the rangers were approaching the trailhead, on horseback.  Seriously, if this happened to you, let me know.  I want to read that blog post.  Sounds funny.

3. The fact that you were a tomboy in high school, couldn’t get a date and now are a Victoria’s Secret model.

2. Create a how-to post about anything that you know nothing about.  Then, wait for the comments to pour in!

1. Paraphrase somebody else’s blog and see if they notice.  Probably not because they don’t likely follow you!

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