What would Idina Menzel do?

I strive to be perfect… yup, I’m a perfectionist. I said it.  Even though I KNOW there is no such thing as being perfect, I still strive for it.  And frown upon myself when I miss the mark.


I just did some research on WHY I am the way I am.  And, it turns out my parents are to blame, again! Thanks Mom & Dad. ;-)

Dr. Jason Moser, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Michigan State University, led a study in which he found, “… there is a strong genetic component to perfectionism and the association between perfectionism and anxiety.”

Yup, that’s me.  An anxiety ridden perfectionistic fool… who makes mistakes!

So, rather than hid my foibles, I thought I’d share some with you for #fun.


Here’s a goof I did on national TV (I’m assuming this hasn’t happened to you.  Trust me.  It’s not fun).

I was on Oprah Winfrey Network’s show Home Made Simple for the first two seasons. During one episode, I chose the wrong color green for the walls.  No biggie.  It happens.  The fix was a $28 gallon of paint.  Well, when the next gallon of paint came and it also was wrong I had no choice, no time and no more budget to fix it.  See?  It clashes with the floral drapes…

While I actually think the client was beyond happy with the makeover, I was far from pleased.  The color still haunts me to this day.


File this one under shitty daughter.  This passed October was a big birthday for my Dad. I thought he had one more year to go til the #BigOne.  Turns out, I was wrong.  As in sick-to-my-stomach-about-to-buy-a-$2500-plane-ticket-to-be-home-to-DC-in-6-hours sick!  Alas, my Mom told me not to do my heroic efforts as my Dad was surprising me by coming out HERE to LA!  What the?  Egg on my face… and, I don’t even eat eggs anymore. #vegan

At least I was able to have a variety of surprises on hand when they arrived… brunch with his sister who lives in San Francisco and just so happened to be in LA the day they arrived, a Back to School Night party (more on this in another post) where our friends could meet the loins from which I came…

And, a private plane ride around the Los Angeles basin (thanks to our dear friend, Fred) with some Veuve Clicquot in hand.

I think they call that #makinglemonade.  Don’t “they say” we all fail, but it’s how your recover that counts?  My Dad truly was in heaven.  I, on the other hand, am still beating myself up that I didn’t make him a nicer card with my famous Roses are Red poems I’ve made him since I was a young girl

Believe it or not, I’m actually enjoying this.  It’s #cathartic.  One more for good measure.


Here’s another TV goof.  This one was on a local morning show just last week!  Watch the vid and notice that I don’t say the ENTIRE name of the cereal, Honey Bunches of Oats MORNING Energy.

Tucson’s Morning Blend

Now, because you’re reading this blog you’re either a friend, or a fan which means you’re rooting for me (right?), so you’re likely thinking it’s no big deal.  One tiny slip, Tracy.  Get over it.  Well, I can assure you when poor John Travolta screwed up @idinamenzel‘s name on the Oscars this year it too was a tiny slip that could be heard around the world!  I’m guessing he’s still beating himself up over it.  I am too.  And feel a little sick inside that folks might not be pleased with my work.

I suppose if Idina Menzel can do as she says in the song, so can I.  Enjoy… and Let It Go!

Frozen’s Let It Go

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