Are you different from me?

I was reading Jeannine Chanin-Penn’s blog about creativity.  In the post, she talks about how not everybody thinks visually, the way she does, and how she’s taken for granted that she knew she always wanted to make her living visually creating things.  I could very much relate to that.

I’ve joked for years that I lack pretty, dainty, girly hands because I’m a ‘maker!’  I make things… everything from set pieces for parties, to bow ties for my boy, Bernie, to beautifully plated meals for guests, to handcrafted custom jewelry for clients.

One of my mantras is: I make therefore I am.  Truly, I don’t care what it is just so long as I’m making something.  My hands need to toil away for me to be happy.

I never gave this much thought before reading Jeannine’s post, but doesn’t everybody like to make things, like I do?  And, then it dawned on me that NO, not everybody is exactly like you, Tracy Metro, and enjoys getting their hands dirty.

So, I’m curious, what mindset do have that shows how differently you think from other people?  And, what made your realize it? Tweet me your answers @tracymetro

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