The makeover begins

I don’t mean to get all Seinfeld on you, but who would name a piece of furniture a Lazy Boy?  Seriously.  Lazy is neither a term of endearment nor does any man really want to be referred to as boy.  And, what if the chair belongs to the Mrs in the house?  Why didn’t they make a pink version and call it Lazy Lady?

Exactly!!!  Because no woman in her right mind would put her behind in a chair called a LAZY anything.

Once we took ownership of the boat, out went the Lazy Boy.  Along with that couch, the blanket, the steps, the table… Now remember people, this is GREEN Anchors (er, well, that’s what it was called back then), so we weren’t about to toss stuff into the landfill that we knew had more life to it, so we donated it all to one of my favorite store, the Salvation Army.  Yup, I heart the SA!

After the boat was cleared out, it was time to ship her down from the Delta in northern California to Los Angeles where she was going to live, forevermore.  We trucked her down as she couldn’t make it in the ocean seeing as she didn’t have an engine anymore.  We got rid of them because they were rotted out.

They (whomever THEY are) say that the two happiest days in a boaters life are the day you buy your boat and the day you sell it.  I can attest to the former.

More to come on our remodel!  What a wild ride and learning experience.


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