Rocking chairs are the new…

You heard it here first:  rocking chairs are the new poofs… Poofs have had their day in the sun for the last few years, and I, for one, am OVER them!  Sure, I’ve designed many a room in which I’ve placed a poof or two, but no mas.  But now, I feel like they’re overexposed.

So what’s next?  Mark my words (or this blog!) that in about a year, you’ll start seeing rocking chairs pop up all over the place!  In restaurants, at parks, in living rooms of modern homes, etc.

I think rockers are ripe for a comeback for several reasons:

  1. They’re very soothing, and subconsciously hit us on the infant-in-the-basinet level.
  2. They remind us of a simpler time.  As a society, we’re doing everything we can to simplify our craziness, and rocking away some time can help us feel as if we’re unplugging (even if our laptop is going along for the ride).
  3. They’re classic… like a cute LBD.  Classic is… well, classic!
  4. Oh, and they come in as many styles as you can imagine… clean-lined, old lady, modern, retro, beachy, odd-ball… you name it.
  5. Because I said so ;-)

Know what else I’ve been saying is about to make a comeback?  The beret!

What do YOU think is about to make a comeback?  Tweet me your predictions @TracyMetro

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