Oh kno! Knot a knee operation

Puppy pills are good!

I ask you, is spending $3400 for a knee replacement-ish too much for my beloved dogger, Sasee?  I’m sorry, have I taken your breath away?  Yeah, it took a while for me to get mine back after nearly choking to death on the bill.  Oh, and I was in for another $227 for the post op x-rays, in 6 weeks.  I know what you’re saying… “Yeah, but the love that Sasee brings you makes it all worth it.”  To that I say, “Can’t a girl at least kvetch?”

Well, my girl Sasekele (her proper name), which means very pretty in a tribal African language, was such a trooper.  No kvetching.  No whining.  No shaking.  Which for her is no small fete as she does all three of those things on a daily basis while simply waiting for breakfast!!!So, little Miss had the operation a while back by THE best surgeon EVER, Dr Mary Summerville at Animal Surgical Emergency Center in Los Angeles.  The fear of God was put into us to make sure she wore that annoying Elizabethan collar (AKA the satellite dish) 24/7… Of course, it makes every dog look A) hilarious, and B) worthy of some funny YouTube vids.

Well, Sasee is a sassy little lady, so I couldn’t let her walk around looking like Buster from down the street who had just had his nuts cut-off and had to wear his satellite dish.  So I made Sasee a tres chic dish which spurred an idea for a new business.  Silly Satellites.  I’m not kidding.


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    Bookmarked, I enjoy your site! :)

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