Stripping, er I mean striping.

Stripes are all the rage and really have never gone out of style.  Case in point: Marcel Marceau & Miley Cyrus.  Have them go vertically and you’ll appear thinner — horizontally and you’ll look wider (um, who wants that?!)… the same holds true in your home.

A vertical strip makes the ceiling appear higher, whilst a horizontal stripe makes the room look more spacious.  In this case, BOTH are good things.

BUT, if you don’t actually know the tricks and technique to make these stripes look PERFECT, you’re screwed… and, it neither matter if the room looks taller or more spacious it’ll just look like dreck (yiddish for shit).  Well, you were screwed until now… now, that I’m showing you exactly how to do it.

Hence forth a video tutorial by moi, for you:  How to paint stripes.

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