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i HEART you, a Valentine’s Day themed party idea

Like many, I’m not much for Hallmark holidays.  There isn’t much that makes me feel special about a day in which I’m TOLD to tell somebody that I love them.  Um, how about telling me when you are feeling it? … Continue reading

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F-U, but I swear it’s not what you think!

For you non-vegetarians out there, I say… there’s no need to be scared of the fu… as in TOFU!  I’ve heard people say it’s got a weird texture or it simply has no flavor.   To that I say, pshaw. As … Continue reading

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Call me the candyman

I like candy, I’m not going to lie, people.  Actually, here’s my pledge to you, my blogettes.  I will only lie to you if I think you’ll really judge and hate me, OK?  So, basically you’ll be able to trust … Continue reading

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